A Space to Grow Young Minds

Here at Superspace, we believe creative play is fundamental to a child's development both in terms of learning skills and as a means of helping them make sense of their own world.

Creative play is a fun way of helping children develop their motor skills, problem-solving, understanding and importantly, how they play with other children and start to understand teamwork.



Learning to explore their emotions through building and creating special spaces and adventures is a great way to help children integrate and understand their feelings in a non-serious, fun way.



Superspace is a great way to introduce children to problem solving in a simple, tactile way that's easy to understand - allowing them to explore a whole imaginary world outside of their own.



Whilst not heavy or cumbersome, Superspace helps to really encourage the development of their motor skills, improving hand-eye coordination and balance.

FREE play-based lesson plans

Start sparking imagination with Superspace right out of the box with our FREE play-based lesson plans.

Common Core & NGSS aligned.

Recycle. Reuse. Build.

Sustainability all the way! Our Superspace panels are made from recycled plastic bottles (130 per set!) - we call it Eco-Felt.

Eco-Felt is super durable, easy to clean and won't degrade over time, ensuring your kids have a lifetime of adventures ahead of them.

Need some inspiration?

Take a look at our blog. We have some great ideas for you to take inspiration from as well as some useful tips and tricks to help you realise your creations!