USA Tax Exempt organizations

If you are an organization that is exempt from sales tax in the USA - such as a school or charity or religious organization, then please get in touch with us so we can apply the relevant sales tax exemption for you.

We are a company that is registered in the United Kingdom - where we were founded - and as such we are exempt from charging sales tax in most states apart from the great states of Tennessee, California and Utah due to Physical Nexus rules from the IRS.  But as we make more sales in each other state, we become eligible to start collecting it from an Economic Nexus standpoint, so we want to collect your tax exemption certificate if you have one.  I can also provide our W-8BEN-E form which can assist the purchaser.   It is 24mb large, so need to send you a link to it if you need it.


We won’t charge you tax if you are outside California, Utah or Tennessee, but your sale will count towards our Economic Nexus unless we register your tax exemption form, so providing it really helps us.


Simply email with your exemption form or certificate or any other documentation and we will make sure you are not charged Sales Tax or if you do - that you can get refunded for it.

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